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Welcome To My Home Page.
My name is Ewald Macheel, I am retired, born 06 November 1924 and my hobby is genealogy with exchanging information with other relatives. I am spending 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on genealogy research of the Pommern relatives from Prussia. I have several computers which I use for genealogy data, documents and pictures. I have a fast computer with a 40 inch HDTV monitor. This monitor has the 16 X 9 ratio and is ideal for showing pictures of different sizes. I store information on removable hard drives and backup on CDs.
My first Web Site was started on the 31 March 2001. This is my latest Web Site with the same Email address, Home address and Telephone number.
Here are the most common links that I keep coming back to and used in working on genealogy.
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Ewald Macheel,     103 East State Street,     Fox Lake, Wisconsin 53933.     Telephone: 920 928 2530
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